UO Community Education Program

CEP Eligibility

The UO Community Education Program (CEP) is open to:

  • People who are not currently admitted to the UO.
  • People who are not currently reenrolled as admitted students after the completion of a university degree.
  • People who have relinquished admitted status. (Undergraduate students should contact the Office of Admissions and graduate students should contact the Graduate School.)

Note: Students who have been academically disqualified are not eligible to enroll during fall, winter, or spring terms unless reinstated by the Scholastic Review Committee. Disqualified students may be eligible to enroll in summer term classes.

Interested in becoming a CEP student? Learn how to register.

International Students

  • CEP is a non-admitted, part-time student status and does not satisfy the full-time enrollment requirement for maintaining a student visa. CEP cannot issue I-20 forms.
  • Non-US citizens may be able to register for courses through CEP, depending on their visa status. Contact International Student and Scholar Services for questions regarding visas.

High School Students

  • High school students can take undergraduate credit courses through CEP.
  • Grades earned as a CEP student are recorded on a UO transcript and become part of a student's permanent academic record. High school students are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Academic Advising to discuss the demands of taking college-level courses.
  • Students taking UO courses through the Prebaccalaureate and Duck Link Programs should direct their questions to those offices or their school guidance counselor.

Joint Campus Students

  • Students interested in Joint Campus (a special program limited only to admitted graduate students) should contact the Registrar's Office at their home institution. OSU and PSU are the only institutions currently participating in Joint Campus with the UO. Students should not complete a CEP Eligibility Form unless the Registrar's Office directs them to do so. Joint Campus students should not register for the course at UO.

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